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Enercon Super Seal Touch 

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Enercon Safe
Induciton Cap Sealer


Enercon Super Seal Touch 

Get in Touch with the New Super Seal™ Touch

More productivity, easier set-up and more control.
And that’s only the beginning...

Up to 20% More Sealing Power For Many Applications

All New Cap Inspection System
• Sets up in minutes: pre-programmed and fully integrated with sealer
• Touch Screen control for Inspection and rejection
• High sensitivity and responsiveness
• Portable design for maximum versatility
• LED bottle centering guide

Internal Intelligence
• Easy to use and intuitive touch screen design
• Supervisory password protection with operator lockout
• Recipe management
• Internal monitoring of all critical operating data
• Container, cap, and foil counters
• Descriptive fault information
• Troubleshooting support
• Multiple language support
• Internal USB data port

Control Options
• Local and remote start/stop controls
• Local and remote power controls
• Remote network control and monitoring via RS485 or ethernet

And that’s not all!
• Stainless steel enclosure
• Microprocessor control
• Universal input voltage compatibility (220V through 240V)
• Advanced self protective circuitry for electrical components
• Compatible with Enercon’s current high efficiency patented sealing heads


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