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Enercon’s preventive program

Have the "Capital Budget Blues" got you down? Are you having trouble sleeping because you are worried about the up-time of your packaging line? Well you don’t have to worry anymore! Now with Enercon’s new preventive maintenance program you can rest assured, knowing that your Enercon equipment is fully operational and performing at optimum levels.
Enercon offers a full preventive maintenance program which can be performed at your facility or at ours. Our field service engineers are experts at spotting and correcting potential problems before they occur. If you sign-on for our E-PM we will thoroughly evaluate your equipment, repair any defects and recommend improvements as necessary to avoid potential problems.
Whether working at your site or at our factory, our Service Engineers will clean, inspect, repair and calibrate your equipment as necessary.

preventive program

The benefits of Enercon’s E - PM Program include:
•  Reduced down time.
•  Increased productivity.
•  Extended machine life.
•  Free loaner systems if you return yours to us.
•  A 20% discount from our standard rates for all E-PM work.
•  A 10% discount on all parts used.
Enercon’s E - PM program encompasses:
•  A complete inspection of your system.
•  System interlock and operational checks.
•  Performance of all necessary repairs and maintenance.
•  A thorough cleaning of your equipment.
•  A report detailing the condition of your equipment.
Additional features of Enercon’s On-Site E - PM Program are:
•  Hands-on training for your Operators and Maintenance personnel.
•  A review of your maintenance procedures with recommendations for periodic maintenance and spare parts stock.
•  A 10% discount on any spare parts ordered within 30 days of our on-site visit.
Our engineers job doesn’t end there. He’ll also provide instruction and training on the latest and best preventive maintenance practices. In addition, he’ll teach your technicians how to employ the latest trouble shooting and repair techniques.
Don’t wait until an equipment problem shuts you down. Call us right away. By taking advantage of our FREE Loaner program you can have your equipment evaluated and your production won’t skip a beat.
To learn more about E-PM or to secure a slot in our E-PM schedule simply contact our service department.

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