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Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2010

Additional Classes
■  Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2007
■  Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2009

Induction sealing’s ability to provide tamper evidence, prevent leaks and preserve freshness make it an extremely popular packaging choice.
In recent years Enercon has worked with leading customers on expanding the application range of this technology. The best examples of this success are represented by this group of HALL of FAME honorees.
The packages below were selected by a panel of induction sealing application experts. Each is being honored for the challenges that were overcome to achieve production success with an induction sealing.
If you think your product belongs in the next class of induction sealing Hall of Famers send us an e-mail.


Healthspan - Nutraceuticals

Seal a flat container with a snap-on cap that lacks torque required for conventional induction sealing. This uniquely-shaped container enables an online distributor of health pills to ship its product for the same price as a letter in the United Kingdom.

Why Induction?
Tamper evidence, preserve freshness.

Enercon’s Super Seal™ induction sealer, with a tunnel sealing head, combined with a thick liner and additional support guides to ensure the package travels upright underneath the sealer.

Pure Bioscience - Disinfectant

Eliminate stalled bottles and melted caps from packaging line.

Why Induction?
Prevent leaks and help ensure a two-year shelf life.


PURE Bioscience was the first packager to run production with the new Enercon Super Seal™ Touch. The cap inspection system eliminated the stalled bottles and melted caps. They are also taking advantage of advanced technology such as the intuitive touchscreen interface and integrated cap inspection sensors to meet their demand for optimum efficiency.
  pure bioscience

Floratine Products Group - Turf Chemicals

Securely seal the container and prevent bloating and contracting of the container prior to use.

Why Induction?
Prevent costly chemicals from leaking during shipping.

Performance Systematix and TricorBraun combined to find a perfect cap and liner combination while Enercon’s Super Seal™ provided the technology to seal the container. Performance Systematix’s vented Circumvent® foam liner and a vented Airfoil® heat induction seal allows the product to breathe without leaking. In addition, they also use a cap which contains a tiny 0.188" hole allowing the container to vent while still repelling the liquid product.

Charlotte Products - Disinfectant Wipes

Large 130mm snap cap closure without threads to create required pressure for successful sealing.

Why Induction?
Prevent wet wipes from drying out and disinfectant from leaking prior to use.

Combining a thicker induction liner with the snap cap to create enough pressure for the Enercon Super Seal™ with all-in-one universal sealing head to seal the bottle without the use of torque.

Nature Works - PLA Containers

Create biodegradable plastic container from renewable plant sources. Ensure container can be induction sealed.

Why Induction?

Preserve freshness, ensure tamper evidence and leak protection.

All testing conducted by Enercon has proven that these PLA containers can be sealed with existing Super Seal technology. Based on the cap size and line speed a variety of induction sealing head designs can be implemented.

Cap Inspection Systems
Flashing Light
Mobile Cart
Motion-Foil Detection
Quick-Set Adjustable
Remote Control
Variable Sealing Control
All-in-One Head
Flat Sealing Heads
Tunnel Sealing Head
involving Floratine Products
Tropicana’s Clear PET
Bryson Industries, Inc.,
BBQ sauce/salad
AccuDial spins children
Sam’s Club
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