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AccuDial spins children’s liquid medication dosing into the 21st Century
AccuDial’s inner and outer labels provide parents and caregivers information to precisely dose their child based on weight, not age.

By Jim Butschli, Features Editor

“The revolution in over-the-counter dosing.” That’s how Palm Beach Gardens, FL-based AccuDial Pharmaceutical, Inc. describes its Children’s AccuDial line of liquid OTC (over-the-counter) medications. The “revolution” is the product’s two-part label that allows consumers to administer a precise dose—in milliliters—of a liquid medication based on his or her child’s weight. That differs from many children’s medications that are dosed by age or age groups.

The precise dosing is made possible due to a patented two-part label that utilizes an outer label that “spins.” Primary information (Drug Facts) is displayed on the top label, which also features several windows or clear panels. The inner label is printed with weight in 2-lb increments and the correct dose in milliliters. The consumer turns the label until its window shows the specific weight of the consumer’s child. Below the specific weight is the precise dose amount. The consumer, using an oral syringe that is supplied with every product, draws the precise amount of medication into the oral dosing syringe, which is calibrated to match every weight/dose on the label. The oral syringe comes wrapped in clear plastic film within an outer paperboard carton. (Watch a video about Children’s AccuDial.

From here, the capped bottles go through a wall into a separate room at Bio-Pharm for induction sealing on a machine from Enercon Industries.

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