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about us ENERCON induction sealers

Enercon is the world’s leading manufacturer of induction sealing systems and associated support equipment.

Companies in the packaging industry rely on Enercon to provide induction cap and capless sealing solutions providing hermetic seals that stop leaks, enhance shelf life, provide tamper evidence and preserve freshness.Our commitment to helping our customers Achieve a Perfect Seal is legendary. From equipment design to application expertise, from educating our customers to providing technical support, Enercon’s reputation for world class induction cap sealing success is second to none.

Enercon Induction Sealing Systems
We’re committed to delivering the most technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions to your operation. Our application specific solutions ensure maximum uptime and performance. And should you ever need additional assistance, you’ll find that our worldwide support operations are unsurpassed as the industry’s most accessible and comprehensive.

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Innovation & Commitment - A World Leader
Enercon’s unparalleled reliability and revolutionary induction sealing innovations empower packaging operations around the globe. Our reputation for world class technology and support is well earned. Our dedication to advancing the industry is exemplified by our vigorous involvement in trade associations and organizations.

Customized Solutions - Application Expertise
For nearly thirty years we’ve delivered induction sealing solutions around the world. Our respected team of application engineers offers unparalleled application experience. These induction sealing experts optimize system performance by configuring solutions for your specific needs.
Research and Development - Advanced Testing
Enercon staffs a full-time research and development team. Our extensive testing facilities include capabilities for developing innovative sealing solutions. As containers & closures continue to evolve from round to non-round shapes, Enercon pioneers the development of induction sealing solutions for these unique applications.
Global Perspective - Local Support
Our global network of sales and service representatives work closely with your technical team before, during and after installation. They provide you with technical advice and practical assistance to ensure your operation runs at optimum efficiencies.
Enercon’s steadfast customer dedication is highlighted by our unsurpassed customer service and training, prompt global on-site service, and leading edge interactive on-line technical support.

Induction Sealing Technologies
Innovation continues to push induction sealing technology forward. This innovation has led to not only smaller systems as electronics have gotten smaller but also simplified the induction sealer by eliminating the need for a water cooling system for most applications. Today’s sealer requires very little maintenance and has unmatched reliability.
This innovation has not only allowed our traditional systems to improve, but it has also produced an alternative for conduction sealing systems! Induction technology is now available to seal containers without a rigid plastic cap! Whether you want to seal your product without a cap, inspect the package and then cap the package or if your application does not call for a cap(e.g. yogurt, juices) Enercon’s induction technology provides many benefits over the hot plate used in conduction sealing.

Induction sealing systems sized for your application
Induction sealing systems come in many different shapes & sizes. Your application and production requirements determine which system is right for you. Our Compak Jr hand held induction sealer is designed for both laboratory testing and low production manual environments. In addition, we offer up to 100% trade in value on our Compak Jr systems when upgrading to an Enercon in-line cap sealing system.
Whether your product is packaged at only a few containers a minute or hundreds of containers per minute, Enercon has an in-line system that will seal your product. Which one is right for you? Your cap style, cap size & line speed as well as desired features will determine whether our air cooled Super Seal series or water cooled Compak best fits your requirements.

Cap Inspection Systems
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Mobile Cart
Motion-Foil Detection
Quick-Set Adjustable
Remote Control
Variable Sealing Control
All-in-One Head
Flat Sealing Heads
Tunnel Sealing Head
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